September 21-25, 2022

San Diego Design Week (SDDW) is an annual five-day event celebrating design across the binational San Diego-Tijuana region. A community-led event, SDDW features programs such as live community discussions, studio tours, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, films, and podcasts from all disciplines of design.

Design at its core is collaborative, interconnected, experimental, and holds the potential to shift perspectives and imagine new possibilities. From interior and landscape design to fashion, graphic design, technology, and more, SDDW explores the power of design in action — to rethink, transform, and inspire.


Inspiration is the heart of creativity – it is the thread that connects us. Inspiration comes in a myriad of forms, reaching across borders, time, and cultures. It can be found in the mundane – a blade of grass or conversation overheard in a coffee shop – or in the extraordinary. It’s a feeling we follow endlessly in our design endeavors with the hope that one day we might spark that same feeling in someone else.

This year, San Diego Design Week dives deeper into the influences and origins of inspiration to share new ideas across our region.